Autodesk® Moldflow Design (Design for Manufacturing) *powered by Autodesk Moldflow

AMD enables you to get a feeling, if your part design follows plastic design rules.

Check your part design interactive in real time. It works similar to the spellchecker in your word processing tool.

No need to be a plastic part design specialist.

AMD checks for manufacturability and helps you discovering avoidable design errors. You can use it within your CAD environment (SolidWorks, Pro/E WildFire and CREO, Inventor, Inventor LT). (Undercuts, Draft Angles, Wall Thickness)

* AMD explores problem areas interactively.
* You receive feedback about injection point(s), flow behavior, weld lines, and air traps of your plastic part within seconds.

AMD will not make real Simulation with Autodesk Simulation Moldflow redundant. Although, it will easily help you understanding the plastic relevant properties of the design of your part. To get a better picture of what ASDFM can do for you, please also follow the URLs below