Autodesk® Simulation Moldflow

For every demand – the proper solution

In product development with prototype construction and trial and error method every mistake affects three central targets: Efficiency, short development times, optimal quality. Furthermore current topics like globalization, shorter time-to-market intervals in connection with increasing complexity and demands for function integration make modern simulation tools indispensable.

As seen below, the biggest cost earn could be at quotation stage, Simulation tools allows to find out every risk of product and process before quote stage. After order as seen visually below, loss will increase continuous.

Injection Molding Process Simulation stages

Autodesk® Moldflow® Products

Autodesk Moldflow Insight(AMI)&Moldflow Flex
- training time 2 – 4 weeks
- tool for detailed validation and optimization
- highest accuracy, continuous 3D technology
- consideration of complex component and tool technology
- evaluation of special processes
Autodesk Moldflow Adviser (AMA)
- training time 3 – 5 days
- tool for validation of simple part and mold designs
- Dual-Domain- or 3D-base technology
- consideration of tool influences
Autodesk Moldflow Design (AMD)
- training time less than 1 day
- spell checker for CAD designers
- easy filling tool

Product Brochure

Pb Moldflow Insight
Autodesk Moldflow Insight:
For experienced plastics engineers for detailed validation and optimization.
Pb Moldflow Adviser
Autodesk Moldflow Adviser:
For plastic design engineers and toolmakers to validate simple constructions.
Pb Funktionen Engl
Technical whats new:
Enhancements and additional features to the latest Autodesk Simulation Moldflow releases.
Pb Overview
Product Overview:
For every demand – the proper solution
  Autodesk Moldflow Adviser Autodesk Moldflow Insight
  STANDARD Premium Ultimate STANDARD Premium Ultimate
Simultaneous local solving (max) - - - 1 3 3
Cloud Solving            
Dual Domain
CAD solid models
Design adviser      
Results adviser      
Cost adviser      
Fiber orientation    
Surface defect prediction
Molding window
Venting analysis      
Crystallization analysis        
Gate location
Cold & hot runners  
Runner balancing  
Design of experiments (DOE)        
Transient mold cooling or heating      
Conformal cooling        
Rapid temperature cycling        
Induction heating        
Heating elements      
Insert overmolding      
In-mold label      
Two-shot sequential overmolding      
Core shift        
Thermoplastic injection molding
Gas-assisted injection molding          
Injection-compression molding          
Co-injection molding          
Bi-injection molding          
Microcellular injection molding          
Resin transfer and structural reaction injection molding      
Rubber, liquid silicone injection molding      
Reaction injection molding      
Multiple-barrel reactive molding      
Microchip encapsulation        
Compression molding          
Thermoset materials
Thermoset materials      
Molding machines      
Coolant materials    
Mold materials    
Compatible Softwares            
Simulation Mechanical (FEA)      
Autodesk Nastran (FEA)      
Abaqus (FEA)      
ANSYS (FEA)      
LS-DYNA (FEA)      
CODE V (Birefringence)          
VRED (defect visualization)
Showcase (defect visualization)
Included software and services            
Moldflow Communicator
SimStudio Tools

  • Efficiency
    Simulation Moldflow

    Cost savings through simulation Early error prevention in product development and tool construction Decreased development cycles – less change loops Optimization of material input, cycle times and machine sizes Increase in customer satisfaction Worldwide industry standard


    Company-wide and flexible licensing with floating licenses Shortest calculation times with multiprocessor and GPU technology


    90% of our customers reach a payback period less than one year High productivity in shortest time through praxis oriented trainings

  • Handling
    Simulation Moldflow

    Intuitively operable user interface (ribbon bar) Interactive learning programme, online guidebook with aid for interpretation  multilingual (German, English, …) Universal CAD-Import  Shortest response times through automatically mesh refinement and multiprocessor solver architecture Easy sharing of results with communicator (freeware)


    Certification for qualification Moldflow blog and discussion forum for users


    Trainings in step with actual practise and industry-sector-specific  Competent hotline with short response times  Accident-, material data- and consulting-services 

  • Technology
    Simulation Moldflow

    Approved highest quality of results  Fill preview provides simulation in real time Material database with more than 9000 qualified material records Import of nearly all CAD data through Inventor Fusion (freeware)


    Guaranteed technology advance through yearly Major Releases  Access to Autodesk Labs (technology previews, beta releases) Material expertise by own testing laboratories since more than 25 years Short innovation cycles through permanent development and integration of purchases


    Practical Knowledge gained in 7000 simulations and more than 120 man years Authorized Training Center, more than 2000 educated users Authorized Certification Center since 2012  Direct access to the development center and material testing labs of the software producer Autodesk Engineering services by our partner PEG GmbH

  • Science and Teaching
    Simulation Moldflow

    Training standard at more than 100 educational institutions in DACH


    Approved worldwide capacity in the development of CAD-software  Close development partnerships with leading universities and institutes  Non-commercial offers for universities  Student Expert Initiative  Access to SimSquad for users


    Offers for universities CONNECT! University User Meeting Free trainings for students  Possibilities for Master- and Bachelor thesis