Autodesk® Moldflow Training Center

Customized trainings
At MF SOFTWARE professional training is a tradition: In 20 years we qualified more than 2000 students and industrial users. For this reason we are authorized Autodesk Training and Certification Center today. In our trainings software users learn to systematically apply the software. They gain certainty in the interpretation of results and in the practice transfer. Through this your employees reach a high productivity shortly.

  • Autodesk® Moldflow® Adviser
    Basic Training Autodesk® Moldflow® Adviser

    The trainings are oriented to the range of functionalities of the three expansion stages Standard, Premium and Ultimate. Knowledge of the injection molding process, of the basic design of injection molding machines and of plastics processing in general is useful but not necessary.


    Flow behavior basics
    duration: 1,5 days


    Binding systems and 3D
    duration: 0,5 days


    Cooling geometry, warpage
    duration: 1 day

    The trainings are offered on three consecutive days and can be booked apart if previous knowledge is existing.

  • Autodesk® Moldflow® Insight
    Basic Training Autodesk® Moldflow® Insight

    The trainings are oriented to the range of functionalities of the three expansion stages Standard, Premium and Ultimate. Basic knowledge of plastics processing, materials engineering and thermoplastic properties are required.


    Filling and binding geometry
    duration: 4 days


    Cooling and warpage
    duration: 4 days


    Individual training for special processes

    During the trainings practical examples and interpretations are calculated and discussed with experienced simulations engineers.

  • Update Training
    Update Training

    Here you learn the practical application of the functional and technological extensions of the recent Autodesk Moldflow version. For the version 2012 the training

    Fill Preview
    New short and long fiber solver
    3D cooling (transient cooling)
    3D buckling
    3D venting
    Inventor Fusion
    Complete tool cross-linking 3D
    Optimized DoE
  • Individual Trainings
    Individual Trainings

    Interpretation Training
    Confidence in decision making for peripheral target groups:  Group trainings for design engineers, setters, toolmakers, project managers and decision makers who do not calculate simulations but are responsible for following actions based on simulation results. 

    Competence Training "on the job"
    On the way to become simulations specialist:  We provide trainings and interpretations of ambitious simulations in your company or in-house in our training classrooms. Technical challenges are coped on a real project.

    Correlation of molding geometry and filling behavior/warpage: Basics of the systematically laying of injection molded plastic components on the basis of practical examples and more than 100 sample parts for beginners and advanced users.

    University Trainings
    All our trainings at special prices at universities or in-house.