Autodesk® Moldflow Simulation and Engineering Services

What is Moldflow simulation and Engineering services?

Our engineering and simulation services basically covers the development of plastic products and plastic injection molding simulation services. In this regard, we are making injection molds and molding optimization using Autodesk Moldflow Simulation software. Our company is the first address they refer in terms of increasing the capacity of the simulationfor the main player of different sectors ranging from electronics to whitegoods, chemistry to Automotive.

In standart simulation services we have Filling, Shrinkage, Warpage, Cooling and also Gas assist Injection, 2K component, Overmolding, Co-injection, Bi-injection, 2K overmolding, MuCell, Dynamic feed etc...

Our Pluses

- Plastic engineering know-how
- Process know-how
- Many years of experience (> 10.000 analysis in 25 years)
- Integrative simulation (first experiences)
- Training competence (over 2.500 participants)
- Possibilty of consulting services in case of capacity bottlenecks
Customers Advantages

- Product quality incresement
- Short product development time
- Process optimization
- Cost benefits
- Customer hapiness
- Flexible capacity
- Expert engineer cost benefits

- Filling analysis
- Runner design
- Runner balancing
- Sequential filling
- Dynamic Feed®
- Cooling optimization
- Warpage analysis
- Fiber orientation

Special Processes

Some of our projects

Automotive Interior trim

- 2K spray nozzle
- Adaptive lighting housing
- Bumper reinforcement
- Chrome-plated trim strip
- Engine cover
- Gas-assisted door handle
- Hybrid front end
- Truck wheel housing
Automotive Exterior trim

- 2K IMD button
- 2-part instrument panel
- Control panel with IMD
- Font cover roof liner
- Airbag housing passenger side
- Head-up display
- Glove box cover
- Cover C-pillar 2K
Packaging and Consumer

- 72 cavity preform mold
- 2K co-injected handle for screwdriver
- Garbage can 120 l
- Diaphragm dryer 
- Washing machine lid
- Spray cap
- Electric toothbrush housing
Electric & Eletronic

- 2K sensor
- Camera body
- Cell phone housing
- ESL housing
- Jig saw housing
- Sensor airbag cover
- Radial fan
- Inductor carrier